Our Mission

The Cincinnati Tri-state Chapter supports the national Mission to promote excellence in oncology nursing and quality cancer care.

Our Vision

The vision of the Cincinnati Tri-state Chapter is to be part of the National ONS leadership in transformation of cancer care.

Our Goals

Cincinnati Tri-state Chapter goals:

*We provide members with quality educational and professional networking opportunities at chapter meetings.
*We are a large chapter with the goal of retaining and recruiting members.
*We encourage and support members in application for or nomination of other members for local and national awards and leadership opportunities.
*We network statewide with "Outreach Ohio," and nationally with ONS members and leaders and maintain our Virtual Community and other communications to facilitate that process.
*We support community agencies and activities that promote quality cancer programs, research, and education.
*We support our own members in need with "Remember Our Own" programs.

Chapter History

Application for a charter chapter in Cincinnati was submitted to the Oncology Nursing Society on December 8, 1986.  Thirty six nurses from the Cincinnati tri-state area were listed on the application.  After much hard work, the application for charter of the Cincinnati Tri-state Chapter of ONS became official on March 7, 1987!  On April 25, 1987 the Oncology Nurses of Cincinnati officially changed their name to Cincinnati Tri-State Chapter of ONS. In May 1987 Cincinnati Tri-State Chapter was awarded status as an ONS chapter at the 12th Annual ONS Congress in Denver, Colorado.  Bob Cannon was the first President of CTC-ONS.  The other CTC-ONS founding members were: Connie Abolfatzdeh, Ruth Bailey, Pat Berning, Bonnie Bolinger, Sue Bruegge*, Carol Campbell, Bob Cannon, Jane Cassidy, Susan Colding, Sue (Cole) Weber, Charolet Frederick, Janet Fulton, Deborah Gaddis, Karen Hagar, Josephine Hawkins, Linda Hilegeman, Linda Hill, Joyce Jones (Bowser), Eleanor Keiser, Jane Kingsley*, Francis Kirton, Vicki Hargrave Koertge, Carol Litkenhaus, Sonya Margolin, Donna Oliver, Alice Palmer, Karen Ruschman, Ann Schmidt, Paula Schuster Shepker, Mary Stacey, Rita Stober*, Rebecca Taylor, Ruth Toebbe, Peggy Trentman, Janet Trigg*, Elyce Turba, Amy Wallace Menkin  (*=deceased)

Now more than twenty years have pased, and the Cincinnati Tri-state Chapter of ONS was presented with the Certificate of Recognition celebrating their 20th Anniversary at the ONS Congress in Las Vegas, Nevada in April 2007.  Our membership has grown to greater than one hundred and twenty members.

With continued growth and enthusiasm we look forward to many more successful years for our chapter and membership.

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