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2016-2017 Continuing Education Programs

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Oncology Updates
Relevant news bytes, articles, and local chapter member contributions!
  bsrnurse 5/4/15 none
Brentuximab Vedotin - Montgomery INN Dinner Program.pdf
March 13th - sponsored dinner program
1738k JoanneWorthington 3/2/18  
April 21_Flyer_Final-2.pdf
A CALL TO ACTION- Colorectal Cancer In the Young- An Alarming Trend on Saturday April 21st, 2018 at Quest Conference Center, 8405 Pulsar Place, Columbus, Ohio 43240.
415k JoanneWorthington 3/2/18  
CVG CRC TLC 3-15-18MF009653_Invite.pdf
Thurs., March 15th sponsored dinner program
4668k JoanneWorthington 3/2/18  
SONK conference - March 2018
271k JoanneWorthington 11/8/17  
LLS Info.pdf
Website from LLS - free downloads re pt edu info/booklets http://www.lls.org/resource-center/download-or-order-free-publications?language=English&category=For+Healthcare+Professionals&sortby=alpha&el-view=card-view&src1=328596&src2=
354k JoanneWorthington 11/1/17  
Websites for Cancer Education Info
195k JoanneWorthington 10/26/17  
Free CEUs from ONS - Oct 17
71k JoanneWorthington 10/19/17  
Free online Cancer Genetics Course
888k JoanneWorthington 10/4/17  
2017-2018 Guest Pass
469k JoanneWorthington 9/6/17  
Dinner Programs 2017-2018
15703k JoanneWorthington 9/3/17  
Free Online education from ONS for members
50k JoanneWorthington 9/1/17  
Free Online Onco-fertility Training (ECHO)
336k JoanneWorthington 9/1/17  

PowerPoint Presentations

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Feb 2018 - Nutrition
10160k JoanneWorthington 2/22/18  
May 2016 - Cancer Survivorship
2913k JoanneWorthington 10/19/17  
Nov 17 - Preexisting Mental Illness
1537k JoanneWorthington 11/18/17  
Oct 2015 - Bone Marrow Biopsy 101 Jim Essell
1620k JoanneWorthington 10/19/17  
Oct 2017 - Caring for the Mind: Managing Depression and Anxiety
111k JoanneWorthington 10/19/17  
Oct 2017 - Chemotherapy-Induced nausea and Vomiting (CINV): Implications for the Oncology Nurse Practitioner
544k JoanneWorthington 10/19/17  
Oct 2017 - Immunotherapy
1426k JoanneWorthington 10/19/17  
Oct 2017 - Managing Pain in High Risk Patients
740k JoanneWorthington 10/19/17  
Reinventing Integrative Oncology Dr Sheng.pptm
March 2018- Products Fair - Integrative Onc
1925k JoanneWorthington 3/12/18  
Sept 16 - Cancer Financial Toxicity
1202k JoanneWorthington 10/19/17  
Sept 2016 - Safe and Effective Cancer Pain Management
1121k JoanneWorthington 10/19/17